Birds are nature’s true jewels.  Their colors and beauty stand out against the muted background of their surroundings, yet they are able to blend in whenever they want to go unseen.  Their songs bring joy to our lives and their colorful presence transports us away from our daily concerns.  The patient observer is rewarded with the opportunity to witness the activities that make up their daily lives.   This collection represents nineteen years of a photographic concentration on birds and 30 years of fascination with birds and their environment.  These images were collected during numerous visits to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Florida, as well as extensive time spent throughout California.  It represents thousands of hours in the mountains, canyons, marshes, deserts, and wetlands that are the homes and migratory stopping places to the birds in this collection.   The natural surroundings were not modified or staged to aid the photographic image.  These images resulted from careful attention to the habitats and the combination of light intensity, color balance, and light direction to match the available camera-lens-file combinations.